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Developing animation for any purposes and objectives

In Only Loading Agency, we are not only passionate for our work but also put an emphasis on responsibility in our creation and bring real value to it. Our team consists of experienced industry experts, creative scriptwriters, innovative designers, and accomplished animators. We always put our best and striving to give you visually impressive works that can help you to convey your message clearly in the most entertaining way.

We provide everything to offer in designing variety range of animation, from whiteboard animation to 2D or 3D animation. If this is what you are looking for, feel free to start a conversation with us anytime, anywhere using email or by phone.

Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.


 3D animation

3D animation can be used in a number of ways, including as an advert and commercial, plans and architectural designs, stills, motion graphic and CGI, explainer videos and learning tools, and many other things. A 3D animation is a great tool if you want to create virtual things that can resemble closely to what it looks like in reality. We can help you to bring your idea to create with our sophisticated tools and creative animators and designers.

2D animation

In the 2D animation, there is exactly no limit on things that you want to create and put into motion.  2D animation can be used for a wide range of objectives, from developing simple and fun animated images for entertainment purposes to creating an informative 2D explainer sales presentation for digital marketing and promoting business purposes. Our animation agency can help you to create a customizable nicely crafted 2D animation to assist you to deliver your message in style and in attractive ways.


Character design and animation

Creating an animated character as a brand mascots is one of the creative marketing tools to promote your business and add more uniqueness to differentiate your brand with competitors. In our animation agency, we can help you to create ingenious animated mascots or characters that can raise marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

Motion graphics animation

Motion graphics animation focus on giving movement to graphic design elements, usually without following a specific narrative or story. By giving motion graphics to your logo or text, you can grab more attention of the viewers, so it usually used for branding or television title sequence. Motion graphics can also be combined with other types of animation, such as whiteboard animation or character animation to give it a story and look more appealing.


Only Loading is a full-service creative agency based in Brussels - working for worldwide clients.

We are available for taking on new work and we’ll be glad to listen your ideas.

Tel: +32 493 36 32 37

Chaussée de Waterloo , 486

1050 Ixelles, Belgium

Thanks for sending your message ! We'll reach back to you asap.

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