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Full Service Event Planning and Production

Only Loading Event Services have produced a huge variety of stunning events for a host of clients working in all styles of venues -from small corporate events, weddings to big music festivals. We have in-house producers and technical staff that will work with you every step of the way throughout the planning and delivery process. We combine a hands on, personal approach with creativity, design and leadership to ensure the very best event delivery possible.

Every event has unique requirements that can require identifying and tracking thousands of details. Our coordination team specializes in tracking and executing against every last place setting, light cue, and vendor contract. With an expansive team at your disposal to sweat the small stuff, you are free to dream an elaborate vision for your event, without giving up your day job.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


Captivating Marketing Activations

In a world overly focused on the digital, tangible experiences are increasingly sought after. Marketing activations are your brands rare opportunity to make meaningful connections with your customers, and communicate your desired message. Let’s partner together to create new and exciting activations that not only engage physically and mentally, but also connect emotionally. Together, we can make people forget about their phones.

Corporate Events Expanded
Beyond the Ordinary

Let’s move beyond the company picnic, and onto an event that celebrates the employees and their heroic collaborative effort that delivers meaningful work to your business and clients. We know that corporate events can facilitate new peer relationships, while honoring existing connections. Together, we can create events that act as a catalyst for developing a culture that honors your organization's values.


Entertainment Management

Injecting wonder, and joy, and competition in the form of games and entertainment continues to be a winning format for creating memorable experiences. Together, we can develop entertainment solutions that appeal to every event attendee.

Event Themes

Warehouses transformed into royal balls. Grass fields converted into tech plazas. Cafeterias exploded into expansive galaxies. Together we can design events that teleport event guests to a far away place, ensuring unforgettable memories, and stunning scenes that can be captured with your event photography.


Only Loading is a full-service creative agency based in Brussels - working for worldwide clients.

We are available for taking on new work and we’ll be glad to listen your ideas.

Tel: +32 493 36 32 37

Chaussée de Waterloo , 486

1050 Ixelles, Belgium

Thanks for sending your message ! We'll reach back to you asap.

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