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Mobile Applications

Apps designing

We develop cross platform mobile applications.

We create apps from scratch and we use the latest technology in the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Our team combines user-centered approach, research, testing, and technology expertise to make sure you are building a digital product that people want and need. At the same time, it takes into account your business goals and follows all deadlines.

“The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.”


Agile Approach to Go Live

  • Discuss & prioritize your project scope, App requirements, and Project Documentation.

  • Define Sprint duration, and conduct Sprint Planning sessions to kick start your project.

  • Perform Technical assessments, and prepare the technical design and data model designs.

  • Perform configuration, and customization using best development practices and conduct testing.

  • Conduct UAT sessions, end user experience testings, and production deployment to go live.

Your App in the App Store

Beginning from App Design to App Development, Ranging from Pre-Launch Marketing to Post-Launch Maintenance, you have the right mobile app development partner in us.

Apps for companies

We just need to know your idea. There is no limit. When creating everything from scratch, the possibilities are endless. We will assign you to a team of web design with UX/UI  that will be in permanent contact with you to help develop your customized project.

We advise you at all times, offering you our point of view as experts in web design. You can tell us any idea and use our vision to see how we can adapt it to your website.

Improve your product

Mobile app never ends; there is always room for improvement. We align our vision to be sure what problems users have while using your product. Developing new features, redesigning existing and helping you grow – our primary job here.


Only Loading is a full-service creative agency based in Brussels - working for worldwide clients.

We are available for taking on new work and we’ll be glad to listen your ideas.

Tel: +32 493 36 32 37

Chaussée de Waterloo , 486

1050 Ixelles, Belgium

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