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Gin bottle Concept - Design

Services: Website // Art Direction // Design Sprint // Brand Strategy // Brand identity // Illustrations // Full communication // Visual Language // Type Design // Packaging

Client: Confidential

Project date: 2017

This project was realized in 2017 for a Gin bottle brand.


Packaging Design can be the single biggest driver of Commercial Result. In the World of Fast Moving Consumer Brands, packaging design is your single most important marketing instrument you simply cannot afford to get wrong. Without any other marketing support, your packaging design connects with shoppers when and where it matters most, at the point of purchase and at the moment of use. Getting sold starts with getting seen. Good packaging design helps your brand win the battle of visibility on shelf. Your packaging design will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your direct competitors. Good packaging design creates visibility over contrast, helping your brand getting seen first. Your pack design communicates your value proposition. Good packaging design helps shape what you want your brand to stand for.

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