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Seneffe Festival //

Director of Operations

Services: Director of operations // UX, UI & Product Design // Event Management & Production // Brand identity // Website // Full Communication // SEO Optimisation // Signage // Etc ...

Client: Internal project, own business

Project date: 2009-2019

Managing the whole organization for the Seneffe Festival (Pop/rock and alternative musics)
Including: Artists Line-up, print and digital communication, implementation, map, web marketing, web design, partners, mobility, security, sponsors/press relations, business plan, management, roadmap, innovations, experiences ...

Managing over 20 people during the year to build up this music festival.
Managing over 500 volunteers during the festival.

The 2019 edition was a huge success and gathered during 3 days more than 17.000 peoplefor the 10th years anniversary.

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